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Mystic Visions

step-by-step graphite pencil drawing by faith te

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Medium: Graphite Pencil
Paper: Canson Grain Paper
Size: 33 46 cm (13" 18")

Stage 1

Here's a piece drawn mostly from imagination and using only a few pictures for guidance.

Since I want this to be a portrait study of an old man, a fairly refined outline helps to keep me from forgetting the little details I wish to add later on.
Mystic Visions - 1 - Pencil Drawing
Stage 2

In this stage, the eyes are finished and I've started to work on the skin, hair, and a section of the arch. I have also done some indenting in order to preserve the white of the paper for the gray stray hairs.

The tools I have used so far are: 0.5 mm 2B mechanical pencils, 5H, 3H and H wooden pencils, a cotton bud and a stump.
Mystic Visions - 2 - Pencil Drawing
Stage 3

More skin, which is mostly unblended. I use the 2B pencils to add texture and wrinkles.

Mortar was drawn using the stump, 2B mechanical and 5H pencils.
Mystic Visions - 3 - Pencil Drawing
Stage 4

Here, I've drawn more of the hair and skin.

The outer section of the arch is finished and I have started to work on the inner part using the 2B pencils and a paper towel for blending.
Mystic Visions - 4 - Pencil Drawing
Stage 5

I've finished most of the bricks on the left side: I used the 2B mechanical pencil and a 3H to tap some random dots to add more texture.

Then I used a thin sheet of plastic and a sheet of paper to apply graphite pencil shavings onto the bricks.
Mystic Visions - 5 - Pencil Drawing