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Plum and Tangerines

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Plum and Tangerines Oil Painting

Daily Painting #266 – Plum and Tangerines
(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on hardboard
Approximately 6 x 6 inches — 15 x 15 cm
US$100 plus US$16 shipping to the US
For shipping rates to other countries and other inquiries, please e-mail me:

This painting is on gessoed 1/8″ hardboard. It’s my first time to try this support, but I will be using it for most of the future daily paintings.

By the way, here is the bird painting that I was talking about a few days ago. It is an illustrative type of painting which I like very much. I hope you do too.

Robin - Realistic bird oil painting

And here is the direct link to the post on my Art Studio blog: Robin Painting.

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Bluebird Oil Painting

Daily Painting #263 – Bluebird
(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on gessoed matboard
Approximately 6 x 6 inches — 15 x 15 cm

This month, James Parker posted pictures of four different birds on his Windows to the Words challenge blog. I just recently came across his blog and thought I’d join in as well. My first entry is this little bluebird — I really like his bright blue wings.

The other night I completed another bird painting for the challenge. It is not a daily painting as it is slightly bigger. It’s a different style from all the others that I have done before, and I am really excited to share it with you to see if you will like it as well. I will post it here as soon as it is dry enough to scan.

Be sure to check out the Windows to the Words blog to see the different interpretations from all the artists who participated.

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Study of Snow

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Snow - Pet Dove Oil Painting

Daily Painting #209 – Study of Snow
(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on gessoed matboard
Approximately 5.5 x 7.5 inches — 14 x 19 cm
Not for Sale

Here’s a study of my pet dove named Snow. I very, very seldom paint animals, but we’ve had Snow for about 4 months now and I decided that it was time I did a painting of him. This was painted from life with a very limited palette. It was quite difficult at times with Snow coming up to me every now and then to look at his painting, but most of the time, he sat still and posed.

I have recently been toning my gesso with a little Raw Umber. I liked the pale cream color so I left it unpainted.

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Dove Head Study (ACEO)

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Dove Head Study - ACEO Oil Paintings

Daily Painting #104 – Dove Head Study
(Click image for larger version)

ACEO oil painting on gessoed matboard
Approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches — 6.5 x 9 cm
US$40 plus shipping
For purchasing information, please e-mail me:

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