Straw Hat

Straw Hat - A Painting a Day

Daily Painting #46 – Straw Hat
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Oil on gessoed matboard
Approximately 5.5 x 7.5 inches — 13.97 x 19.05 cm
US$70 — free shipping worldwide
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I was searching for something to paint when my Mom picked out this little straw hat from my props storage under the easel. She said, “Paint this.” Hanging the hat was the first arrangement that came into my mind. Initially, I thought I’d also include a shelf below the hat and then display something there. But what?? I couldn’t decide so I painted the hat alone. I like how it turned out and how it is high up in the painting.

My head is already filled with ideas inspired by this hat and arrangement. Perhaps I will do another one like this and include the shelf below. We’ll see…

By now it is becoming a habit for me to scrape off parts of a painting when it is not going well. It used to be that I’d keep adding more and more paint to correct an obviously wrong color base, or move the paint around to save it and hope that it’ll look better. It worked sometimes, but most times the painting ended up looking dull and overworked. Now I just scrape off that layer of paint. Less frustrating this way. I also like how a ghost of the previous attempt remains so I don’t really start from nothing all over again. I think it makes the next attempts so much easier and fresher.

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