Grapes in Small Bowl

Grapes in Small Bowl - Realistic Oil Painting

Daily Painting #336 – Grapes in Small Bowl
(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on hardboard
Approximately 6 x 6 inches — 15 x 15 cm

I can remember when I was just starting out as a daily painter that I hated to do grapes. I thought then that they were just too difficult to paint correctly. Anyway, they are now a favorite subject of mine. I find it really gratifying to see the little berries come to life as I paint the bloom!

One of my most favorite painting of grapes that I have done is the one above. This will be the last grapes painting included in the 365 Daily Paintings so I thought I’d compile all that I have done since the beginning…well, let’s start with the second that I did since the first one was what made me hate painting grapes in the first place!

Grapes with Leaf - Oil Painting Grapes Painting in Oil Grape and Teacup Oil Painting Grapes Oil Painting Grapes with Leaf No. 2 - Oil Painting Video Grapes Paintings in Oil by Faith Te - No. 3 Grapes Daily Paintings Chinese Spoon with Grapes - Oil Daily Paintings Orange with Grapes - Oil Daily Paintings Grapes on a Shelf - Small Original Paintings Grapes in Small Bowl - Realistic Oil Painting

Plus two little ACEO paintings:

Grapes ACEO Oil Painting Grape with Water Drops ACEO Paintings

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8 Responses to “Grapes in Small Bowl”

  1. Monica Says:

    Wonderful painting! I hope you don’t mind, but I have been talking about the use of edges in my blog ( and mentioned this as a great example of using edges as a means to control focus in a painting. I also enjoyed seeing all of your grape paintings!

  2. Susan Roden Says:

    So you didn’t like painting grapes? Hard to believe for these are such wonderful little pieces f art Faith! Love the dark, dark purple contrasting against the golden orange background and the simple white bowl.

  3. Leigh Says:

    What a lovely collection of paintings! You should be very proud of your achievement, Faith. You have certainly mastered the “evil” grape! lol!

    Wishing you all the best,

  4. gwen Says:

    Your technique is flawless and I always love the lovely simplicity of the compositions. This one with it’s dark purple grapes looks perfect on the
    Turmeric background. Great combination!

    Thank so much for sharing your other equally masterful grape paintings!

  5. dining table Says:

    When I first look at the Grapes in Small Bowl painting. I thought it is a true picture. I never thought that it is just paint. That painting is made by an amazing painter I am sure about that.

  6. Debbie Cooper Says:

    Faith, I just came across your blog from the Daily Painter Originals, and I just have to say how beautiful I think all of your paintings are. Every one of them. What a joy they are to see!

  7. Kelley Says:

    Faith, beautifully painted. For someone who doesn’t like painting grapes, you do a fabulous job.

  8. Diane Hoeptner Says:

    You keep getting better and better, Faith!! I agree with Monica, your edges are so soft and lovely.

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