Realistic Fish Painting

(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on hardboard
Approximately 5 x 5 inches — 13 x 13 cm

I absolutely love seafood paintings! I hope to do more of them but I’ll work from photos next time instead of from life like I did for the fish painting above.

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8 Responses to “Fish”

  1. shirley fachilla Says:

    That little fishy eye is extraordinarily beautiful. Love your unusual color combination, the captured iridiescence and the accuracy of the circular pattern.

  2. Leigh Says:

    This is gorgeous, Faith! I love the beautiful, complimentary color scheme. I was wondering what kind of little fish that is, as he is so pretty.

    Take care, & happy painting!

  3. RUDHI Says:

    Perfect Fish-Painting!

  4. Komal Malhotra Says:

    Awesome work

  5. Katie Says:

    Great looking fish!

  6. Deano Says:

    Absolutely love the reflective colors of this fish, Faith!!

  7. Faith Te Says:

    Thank you all for your comments!! I’m glad you like this little fish. I tried to add as much color as I could. Had a lot of fun painting it!

    Leigh — I have no idea what kind of fish it is, but it was a really small one and, I think, it came with the anchovies we bought from the market 😉

  8. MTgrave Says:

    Hi Faith.

    Your work is awesome! I hope to come back to your site and see what’s new a bit later.

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