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100 Daily Paintings!

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

100 Daily Paintings in Oil

Daily Painting #100 – 100
(Click image for larger version)

Oil painting on gessoed matboard
Approximately 5.5 x 7.5 inches — 14 x 19 cm
US$100 plus shipping
For purchasing information, please e-mail me:

Well, here’s my 100th daily painting! I wanted to paint something special so this is bigger than the ACEOs I have been posting lately. I also searched quite a bit for that special subject and/or composition. At first, I thought I’d do another avocado like the first daily painting, but since I couldn’t get any avocados, I settled on oranges. I chose this composition because I think it represents “100” perfectly without being too obvious.

I’m dedicating this painting to my Mom, who encouraged me to do the daily paintings in the first place, and who’s been very supportive.

It’s been a good 100 days and I’ve learned so much about oil painting. I’ve been able to paint ordinary things which I never thought would have potential in a painting before. It’s truly a wonderful experience to slow down and examine details and all the beautiful things that God has created for us. Everything is beautiful!

There is still so much to learn, and my plan is to keep this up for at least a year. But we’ll see where it goes. One thing’s for sure though — I’m looking forward to the next 100! I hope you are too!

Thank you to friends and subscribers who left comments and gave their support! Also, many thanks to other daily painters, especially to Michael Naples and Painting-a-Day pioneer Duane Keiser, for the inspiration.

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