Portrait of Baby Mary Rose: Stage 6 – Pencil Drawing

Posted by Faith Te on June 25th, 2008

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 6 - Pencil Drawing

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose – Stage 6

Quite a big jump from the previous stage. Here, I’ve done most of the “underpainting” for the fabric she’s sitting on. Plus, her legs are almost finished — just a little more fine-tuning to be done in those areas.

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 6 - Detail 1 - Pencil Drawing


  • I have done some more work on her hair. The part I haven’t done yet is quite “messy” so I left that for later
  • Finished drawing the other ear (viewer’s right)
  • Viewer’s right eyebrow is now in place

I left the head area for a while and continued working on the arm down…

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 6 - Detail 2 - Pencil Drawing

Finally finished her hand so I am posting a close-up of that area as well.

The fabric underneath her fingers is showing the start of the furry texture. I practiced on how to create believable and realistic fur before I even started the portrait. I tried a few different ways and tools but decided on using a stick eraser. I hope it does the effect I am trying to achieve.


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3 Responses to “Portrait of Baby Mary Rose: Stage 6 – Pencil Drawing”

  1. PamYla Says:

    Beautiful baby! Beautifully done

  2. Faith Te Says:

    Thank you, PamYla :) ! I do hope to post the final update of this drawing soon, but I am currently working on another piece which has a deadline. Will write about it when it is finished.

  3. Soesje Says:

    omg she is so cute!!! you are really good!! :-) :-D

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