Portrait of Baby Mary Rose: Stage 3 – Pencil Drawing

Posted by Faith Te on May 21st, 2008

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 3 - Pencil Drawing

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose – Stage 3

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 3 - Detail - Pencil Drawing

Just a bit of progress in this stage. A little more was done on the eye and I started working on the ear and eyebrow. This stage also shows the initial pencil strokes for the hair.

In addition, I worked some more on the background (smoothening it out and making the tones even) and darkened what she’s sitting on. I am actually planning it to be a furry sort of fabric like that of a teddy bear’s. I am not really sure what the correct term for that kind of fabric is but I researched and, I think, it’s properly known as “plush”. Anyway, please let me know if it’s wrong ;) .


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