Portrait of Baby Mary Rose: Stage 2 – Pencil Drawing

Posted by Faith Te on May 16th, 2008

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 2 - Pencil Drawing

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose – Stage 2

Here’s stage 2. Initial layers of graphite pencil have been applied to most of the drawing. I have also done quite a bit of her right eye in this stage but it isn’t finished yet. I included a close-up to show a larger view of the face.

Portrait of Baby Mary Rose - 2 - Detail - Pencil Drawing

In this drawing, I am trying out a new method for the skin tones which is quite different from what I normally use — it will be done using mostly graphite powder.

I used to do the skin tones with an “underpainting” of graphite powder and then layers of more graphite using mechanical pencils. In this portrait, I am trying to use the graphite powder as much as possible and restrict the mechanical pencils to the “finalizing stage” (filling out missed spots and adding sharp edges).

My application of graphite powder is the same as charcoal — brushing on light layers until I get the desired darkness and texture. This new method will, I hope, speed up the time I spend on my graphite pencil portraits while still retaining a detailed finish ;) . Hopefully, it will also give my drawings a softer look.

Please stay tuned for the next stage :) !

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