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Portrait of Ankong: Stage 2 – Pencil Drawing

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Portrait of Ankong 2 - Pencil DrawingAn update on the Portrait of Ankong that I am currently working on. Here, the face is almost finished.

As mentioned in Portrait of Ankong – Stage 1, Faith will be doing the hair, clothes and background. I will be finishing my part of the portrait first before she does hers. But as this stage shows, she has already started working on the hair and clothes ;) .

I took a holiday break and only resumed work on it way after Christmas :mrgreen: . But during the break, I got back to the outline of a still life drawing which has been lingering for quite some time in the composition stage. I’ll post it here soon. I’m kind of slow, but I’ll try to change all of that this year as part of my New Year’s resolution. Anyway, it’s just to show that I was not totally idle while enjoying the holidays.


Portrait of Ankong: Stage 1 – Pencil Drawing

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Portrait of Ankong 1 by David and Faith TeOn the easel, I am working on a portrait of my grandfather (father’s side). Because it’s quite large, my sister, Faith, will be helping me with this. She will render the hair, clothes, and background while my part will be from the forehead up to the neck. This is quite an experiment since this is the first time we have collaborated on a single portrait. Here is the cropped version of the first stage to show the progress of the portrait so far. I am using graphite pencil on Canson Grain paper. The size is 46 x 61 cm (18″ x 24″).

From the Art Studio,

David :)