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Hot Bunch: Stage 1 – Charcoal Drawing of Chili Peppers

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I’ve recently started a small drawing using charcoal pencil. It took me quite a while to decide what subject to draw — I wanted to do something quick and simple.

I remembered the chili peppers that we harvested from our homegrown chili plant several weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to draw those peppers and I do have quite a number of compositions that I would like to do. I might consider doing a series of drawings with them as subjects, but for now, here’s one to start it off:

Hot Bunch Stage 1 - Charcoal Pencil Drawing
Title: Hot Bunch – Stage 1
Medium: Charcoal Pencil
Paper: Canson Grain
Size: 15.2 × 25.4 cm (6″ × 10″)

The Portrait of Ron is finished, by the way. I will have it up here and on the website soon. Thank you for looking!

From the Art Studio,