Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Male Nose

Posted by David Te on December 11th, 2007

Now that we have finished the male eye, here’s another portrait drawing tutorial: the male nose. As before, my drawing technique varies to give me a chance to experiment on different methods. Although I merely applied a 4H wooden pencil for the first initial layer, I decided to give it a try. More on this in Step 2.

The materials I used are:

  • 0.5 mm B (Staedtler), 2B (Dong-A) and HB (Faber-Castell) mechanical pencils
  • 4H and H wooden pencils
  • A brush
  • A shop towel
  • A kneaded eraser (when necessary)

Step 1: The outline was drawn on a piece of bond paper then transferred to an 11.5 × 12 cm (4.5″ × 4.75″) Canson paper by means of the graphite transfer method.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 1

Step 2: Applied 4H wooden pencil for the initial layer. It is blended with the shop towel. This is to prevent the paper from being too rough when further layers of graphite are applied. Then, with a soft brush dipped in a bit of graphite powder, I covered it with two to three layers of the medium.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 2

Step 3: Just to establish where the darks would go, especially the sides of the nose, I used the HB mechanical pencil and then I blended again with the towel.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 3

Step 4: Now I really established the dark tones and shadows on the wings, sides, ball, and tip of the nose using 2B, B and HB mechanical pencils and H wooden pencil. In this stage, I blend only occasionally.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: The nostrils were rendered using the 2B mechanical. The shading below the nose was done using B and 2B mechanical pencils.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 5

Step 6: I did the skin beside the nose by means of HB, B and 2B mechanical pencils. Here I blended a little.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 6

Step 7: With the B and 2B mechanical pencils, I started going all over it again for the last time. So here it is — the male nose. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Finished

From Artistic Realism’s Art Studio,

David ;)

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4 Responses to “Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Male Nose”

  1. RonMacDonald Says:

    Hey there……very fine work………I do alot of this and I like the way you blend, with what? a shop cloth? excellent………..I just use the HB in Mechanical pencil….love doing this kind of work….just working on yet another series of faces……thanks for this…….nice to see others works……………………..!

  2. David Te Says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my nose tutorial. Yes, I use a shop cloth or shop towel. I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck on your drawings!

  3. m.pradeep kumar Says:

    To whom soever it may concern.
    iam pradeep kumar who just loved to learn pencil drawings but i want to more about techniques that are
    involved in pencil drawing and now i hope that one day i could be good artist i hope i would be assisted by the great Artist who have drawn this beautifull art of nose and hats off to you to guide me with this wonderful lesson on the pencil drawings.

    thanking you
    m.pradeep kumar

  4. priya Says:

    Just happened to see your work. beautiful

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