Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Female Nose

Posted by Faith Te on November 30th, 2007

Here is a female nose to go along with the female eye tutorial I did. This tutorial demonstrates how I render noses as realistically as I can, using mostly direct application of graphite. I hope you will find the following images and descriptions informative and helpful as a guide in drawing noses. Many thanks to Toni-Marie Hudson for the use of her picture as reference for this tutorial.

Step 1: Here is the outline on 8.2 x 10.1 cm (3.25″ x 4″) Canson paper. The highlights have also been lightly indicated.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 1

Step 2:  I’ve used a Chinese brush to apply the initial 2 or 3 layers of graphite powder. This brush produces a smoother effect than the soft brush I used in the eye tutorial. I applied the graphite powder in very light layers, adding more as needed. This is the base tone and it helps make additional layers of graphite tone smoother.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 2

Step 3: I began using a small soft brush for the edges and for the darker areas.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 3

Step 4:  Taking the kneaded eraser, I lightly and carefully, tap some of the tones off the highlights on the bridge of the nose, the ball of the nose, and below the nostrils. The Chinese brush was used to dull the highlights a little bit.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: Using a 0.5 mm 2B Dong-A mechanical pencil, I drew the nostrils. Less pressure was used as I came near the skin below the nostrils.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 5

Step 6: Using a 0.5 mm HB Dong-A mechanical pencil, I began darkening the lower area of the nose. I also lessened the sharpness of the edges of the nostrils by gradually darkening the skin around them. To blend the tones, I used the small brush and a shop towel. It helps if the shop towel employed for blending and smoothening pencil marks is used. New, clean ones tend to pick up tone instead of spread them around.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 6

Step 7: More skin tones using the HB mechanical pencil were added to the middle and upper parts of the nose. Most of the outlines have been smudged off and erased at this point.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 7

Step 8: The skin on the sides of the nose and the nostril wings have been darkened. This created a more three-dimensional effect. For blending, I used the shop towel and the two brushes. A clean shop towel was used to lift excess graphite tone from the drawing. In this stage, I have also started making necessary corrections to capture the likeness of the subject.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 8

Step 9: The tones were further blended. It’s almost finished.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 9

Step 10: The final stage of the nose. For the finishing touches, the tools I used mainly were: a 0.5 mm 2B mechanical pencil with the tip sharpened using fine sandpaper — this was used for filling up light spots; a clean shop towel for lightening up graphite pencil tones; and a kneaded eraser for removing dark spots. Finalizing my “serious” works is usually the most difficult stage of the whole drawing process. It takes quite a long time to do as well.

Female Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Finished

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial of a female nose.

Happy drawing!

Faith :)

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41 Responses to “Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Female Nose”

  1. jordan art Says:

    need some charcoal drawing

  2. PamYla Says:

    Wow thanks I enjoyed the male and female noses!

  3. Faith Te Says:


    Thanks! David and I are glad you enjoyed them :) .

  4. Savvy Says:

    that is a nice job on the nose, and I was curious if you would be able to help me out with a drawing that I am donig for a class. Please E-mail me @ thank you very much.

    you are a good artist.


  5. mariam Says:

    this really helped me, and thank you soo much for showin us how to do this, I did struggle but did do well, I was just wondering if you showed any other pictures, well am actually doing a kinda course and I really need something to copy of, like It’s so easy to follow the way you actually showed how to do this, thank you sooooo much…
    :) :P

  6. lil Says:

    Hi, I really like your drawings, it did help me out a lot I was so glad when I was finsished with my final drawing it looked so realistic, tah..
    (your a Really goooood artist- :) —)

  7. Faith Te Says:

    Lil — Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a message. I am so glad to hear that this tutorial was of help to you. All the best and happy drawing!

  8. kate Says:

    sana may solong nose naman walang black background

  9. Faith Te Says:

    Hi Kate! Thanks for leaving a message. Black background :? ?

  10. Tony M Says:

    Excellent work, i admire the quality and workmanship, well done.

  11. Faith Te Says:

    Tony M – Thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated!

  12. khair mohammad saljoqy Says:

    yah dear contributer . this is realy helpfull 4 peole who want to learn drwing by the internet .thanks alot for elustrating such good instraction for drawing begainers.

  13. Faith Te Says:

    Khair — Thank you for your message. I’m glad you find this tutorial helpful!

  14. Krystal Says:


    Really love ure drawings…its awesome! Can u pls send me a pic of ure other drawings. cheers and keep up what ure doing on here…its cool. hope to hear frm u real soon.

  15. javier_son Says:

    hey tnx for this drawings man i dindt help but ty.

  16. Tinu Says:

    Where do I buy loose graphite powder? I’m in southern CA. I would really appreciate if you let me know. Thank you for a great tutorial. I find it very helpful.

  17. Faith Te Says:

    Javier — I’m sorry to know that you don’t find this tutorial helpful.
    Anyhow, if you have any suggestions for improvement, I’d love to hear them so I can apply them when I do another drawing tutorial. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave a message.

  18. LAGDOW Says:

    it looks nice i really like it.great

  19. Faith Te Says:

    Lagdow — Thank you!

  20. Rei Emily Says:

    Great!thank you so much!

  21. Ryan Hicks Says:


    These have really helped me to understand how to draw a human face, I was wondering if you might be able to recomend and good drawing books you know of?

    Thanks again :)

  22. Faith Te Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for your comment! As for drawing books, I’m afraid I can’t recommend any. I taught myself to draw using tutorials I found on the internet and by asking for help from other artists.

    Mike Sibley has written a book which I’ve heard is very good (though I can’t personally say as I haven’t read it yet :| ). It focuses more on dogs, but there is a demo of a human portrait in section one. You may wish to take a look at a few of the book’s pages here.

    I’m sorry I can’t be of any help :( .

  23. Tasha Says:

    This is amazing! i find it hard to draw noses, but your tutorial really helps, you picture of an eye is so realistic it looks exactly like a photograph! You are really talented,
    thnks for putting up your tutorials they are really useful.

  24. Faith Te Says:

    Tasha — Thanks very much for the compliments :) . I’m so glad to hear that the tutorials are helpful to you :)

  25. natasha Says:

    Great and really helpful tutorial!

  26. Faith Te Says:

    Natasha — Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

  27. Miri A Says:

    WOW! I absolutely just LOve how you have explained it step by step. I have always had difficulties with nose’s and especially lips. But i would like to think that i am quite skillful with the eyes point of view :)

    Thank you again, for such a great way to improve our skill.

    Take care

  28. marwan Says:

    thank you

  29. Faith Te Says:

    Miri A — Sorry for the late acknowledgment. Thanks for your feedback though ;) . It’s much appreciated. I’ll try to make a lips tutorial to post soon. Best wishes.

  30. irrargeatrock Says:

    Very usefull post.
    P.S. I like your writing style.

  31. hayley Says:

    thank you so much! I tried it,and it really looks good!(but not as good as yours of course)But i didn’t have lots of those fancy things like the Chinese Brush, so i improvised….and it it worked pretty well.
    This is now my favourite website so can you please try to make more drawings?
    Thanks so much!

  32. ronald Says:

    hi i love your drawings im an artist myself and cant blend this way wish i could though id be happy to show you my work its on my profile and myspace. ronald1216. one eye sees less light then the other therefore slightly off colored thats why i stay away from color and dont know how much shade to do. thanks for the wonderful art

  33. Maria Says:

    Good to know there are people out there that still can draw !
    Beautiful nose, thank you for sharing.

  34. Quy Te Says:

    thanks this is amazing! :)

  35. James Says:

    a good tutorial for beginners, but the nose does not look realistic. Don’t get me wrong the blends are great. But the problem is simply the nose is too perfect; there are no pores or suggested wrinkles or flaws in the nose–which is a major block of realism. I would suggest to beginners to take this tutorial to heart when it comes to lighting and blending, but look at how dedicated artists mark very minor flaws in their drawings which make a HUGE difference in the finished work.

  36. William Says:

    I always was fascinated by realistic drawings and paintings of reflecting things.
    I’ve tried to draw and paint such things in the past with no great succes.
    I have enjoyed verry much what you are doing Faith and David.
    Today you have init the flame again in me when I saw the beautiful drawings of yours.
    Soon I’ll try to draw some things myself with your tutorial.
    I ‘ll let you know if I made some progress thanks to you both.
    I wich you too the best. And thanks again.

  37. Dr. Elías López-Cruz Says:

    I liked too much your tutorials about the drawing of an eye and the tutorial of the female nose. Thanks a lot.

  38. Giorgio Says:

    Excellent job

  39. laura Says:

    This is the best nose i have ever drawn in my whole entire life and it’s all thanks to you.
    You a GREAT artist.
    Thanks a billion from your friend Laura

  40. aiisha Says:

    i didnt no i could draw a nose so good

  41. colton Says:


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