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A Christmas Scene – Pastel Painting

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I worked on some compositions and sketches and decided on the one below. Sketches I made on the reverse side are visible as this is on printing paper ;) .

A Christmas Scene Sketch by Faith Te

I have never seen snow in real life. So on this pastel painting, I mostly relied on my imagination and what I can remember of pictures of winter that I have seen before. Working from imagination allows me to use a “looser” approach. It is a contrast to working on portraits from photos where I strive to be as detailed and realistic as I could. I find it quite refreshing to change styles (and subjects) once in a while ;) .

A Christmas Scene - Pastel Painting

This pastel painting is on 12.7 x 17.7 cm (5″ x 7″) Canson paper. The sky area required a little more work than the rest — it started out very rough — but I greatly enjoyed layering the soft light blue, violet, and white on the snow area :) . I managed to scan it twice as I was working on it. I have included these scans below.

A Christmas Scene - Stage 1A Christmas Scene - Stage 2


Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Male Nose

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Now that we have finished the male eye, here’s another portrait drawing tutorial: the male nose. As before, my drawing technique varies to give me a chance to experiment on different methods. Although I merely applied a 4H wooden pencil for the first initial layer, I decided to give it a try. More on this in Step 2.

The materials I used are:

  • 0.5 mm B (Staedtler), 2B (Dong-A) and HB (Faber-Castell) mechanical pencils
  • 4H and H wooden pencils
  • A brush
  • A shop towel
  • A kneaded eraser (when necessary)

Step 1: The outline was drawn on a piece of bond paper then transferred to an 11.5 × 12 cm (4.5″ × 4.75″) Canson paper by means of the graphite transfer method.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 1

Step 2: Applied 4H wooden pencil for the initial layer. It is blended with the shop towel. This is to prevent the paper from being too rough when further layers of graphite are applied. Then, with a soft brush dipped in a bit of graphite powder, I covered it with two to three layers of the medium.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 2

Step 3: Just to establish where the darks would go, especially the sides of the nose, I used the HB mechanical pencil and then I blended again with the towel.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 3

Step 4: Now I really established the dark tones and shadows on the wings, sides, ball, and tip of the nose using 2B, B and HB mechanical pencils and H wooden pencil. In this stage, I blend only occasionally.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 4

Step 5: The nostrils were rendered using the 2B mechanical. The shading below the nose was done using B and 2B mechanical pencils.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 5

Step 6: I did the skin beside the nose by means of HB, B and 2B mechanical pencils. Here I blended a little.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step 6

Step 7: With the B and 2B mechanical pencils, I started going all over it again for the last time. So here it is — the male nose. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Male Nose Pencil Drawing Tutorial Finished

From Artistic Realism’s Art Studio,

David ;)